Mathematicians in Schools


Use these resources for inspiration in your partnership.

If you would like us to add other resources, please contact us.

Getting started

Partnership support materials - You and your partner may like to use these support materials in their entirety as a planning document or as a guide to what works well in partnerships.


There are plenty of great, maths activities that are ready to use in the classroom. Try these sites:


Curriculum information

The Australian Curriculum is being developed progressively by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). The Foundation to Year 10 curriculum for English, mathematics, science and history is now available on the Australian Curriculum website (external website).

A selection of digital curriculum resources from the National Digital Learning Resources Network designed to assist teachers to find, use and adapt teaching and learning materials that are aligned to the mathematics subject area of the Australian Curriculum.

Useful organisations and programs

Maths Teacher Associations run events and competitions, plus offer plenty of resources and information about maths teaching. The national Australian Association of Maths Teachers (AAMT) website includes links to each state and territory association.
The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) website has a careers component. Maths Careers is an area for upper-primary to Year 10 students. Its main focus is to demonstrate how maths can enrich any career path.
MoneySmart Teaching was created to support schools that want to include consumer and financial literacy programs in their curriculum. The website is run by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).
The Connect with Maths Project is an online community providing advice, networks, support and activities to promote contemporary learning in the context of mathematics in the Australian Curriculum.

There are maths-based programs and competitions that can provide ideas or be a framework for your partnership. Try:

See also the list of complementary programs that might be useful for your partnership.

IT resources

These resources might help you stay in touch and record the work your partnership is doing. Note that schools will have varying levels of access to these resources.

Skype allows phone and video calls over the internet. The software is free to download, and calls between two Skype accounts are free (except for your ISP costs).

Blogger and Wordpress offer free blogs that can be customised. You can use the blogs for discussions within your partnership or to showcase your work to the world. There are many other similar programs available. Be aware of security and privacy issues when using blogs.

Education Queensland's Learning Place provides tools and support for online learning, including blogs, online chats and forums. It's only available to Queensland government schools, but check your local education authority to find out if there's something similar available for you.

Scientists in Schools has an email list for discussions between participants. Mathematicians in Schools partnerships are also encouraged to join this list.